‘Flood Tourists’ beware

[I created this yesterday morning and wasn’t sure if I would publish it but the exact situation (described below)  happened yesterday afternoon – So I thought safety first]


I know it’s mostly harmless – and it’s satisfies a lot of curiosity but there are some things to consider if you have become a ‘flood tourist’. (I don’t remember the word in the 2009 floods but it’s echoing around South Galway at the moment)

Firstly it’s great that people are interested in the flooding crisis and the number of good wishes to the people of South Galway that I’ve had both personally and from the website is amazing.  For people who want a closer experience of the floods  the just 2 words ….

Be Careful!

The ESB Networks has issued a statement yesterday warning the public to be very careful in boats/flotation devices around electricity lines as many are close to the water.esb

ESB Networks is warning members of the public and emergency services to be vigilant when moving around flooded areas in boats and other flotation vehicles.

Matt Cunningham, ESB Networks, spoke on Galway Bay FM yesterday warning about ‘Flood Tourism’ and the inherent danger of boats/flotation devices around submerged electricity poles – where wires are close to water.

Another thing to consider is that in flooded areas – you are heading over fields,  trees &  walls. It is very easy to destabilize a small boat/canoe – Remember what happened to Joan Burton in her boad!  Another prime danger is barbed wire, it is very difficult to see – It can topple a boat and in 2009 floods I’ve heard to flows pulling people in canoes into barbed wire at chest height – Not a good situation.

[As I’m writing this 2 people in canoes have passed over a submerged wall 100 yards from me]

Lets be safe out there


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