Levels dropping, the flooding’s over ..job done!


You’ve got to be kidding!  While the South Galway catchment may be a lot smaller than the whole Shannon region – it’s dynamics are much different.  There are places in South Galway, North Clare that will have floodwater for 6-8 months.  Levels dropping mean that the peak ‘flood wave’ has passed but South Galway will remain severely flooded for the coming weeks, at least. There are still people moving out of their houses in South Galway – sure – levels are dropping but septic tanks, wells (drinking or running water)  may be out of action for the coming weeks.

From talking to people in South Galway who have been affected by flooding (not just homes/farms flooding, but also the threat of flooding) , the thing that’s on most people’s minds is not the clean up – It’s still the threat of flooding.   A drop of an inch is not just seen as one step closer to normality – it’s seen as an inch-more leeway away from the threat of flooding.

The lack of a proper overground flood channel from Coole Lake to the sea, means that the flood waters are essentially land-locked and will need to leak through the underground river system which has already been completely overrun.  The turloughs are still full from Peterwell to Cahermore and South Galway is still only a single winter storm away from catastrophe for many people.

South Galway is still in a flooding emergency as we are only a single winter storm away from catastrophe for many people.

This is why the emergency works need to go on and the loughs need be connected and deepened to the sea. This is why we have to get water out of Coole Lake and lower its levels.  This is why Joe Byrne and Galway County Council need to be allowed to continue with the good work they started and help get us out of this emergency.

If you think this is just blowing a trumpet then cast back to South Galway previous flooding events of 1995 and 2014 which was caused also caused by winter storms … in February.

The levels are dropping slowly and that is just not enough respite for South Galway at the moment.

-David Murray










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