Presentation #1 : Slieve Aughty Drainage

I’ve created a 7 minute presentation that walks through the main drainage flows from the  Slieve Aughty mountains to the sea at Kinvara. As this can be quite a complex journey, I felt a video/presentation would be better way of describing this instead of typing lots of detail.


The video can be seen here.

The information provided within comes from a wide variety of sources, namely :

  • Local knowledge – My own and from many people across the area that I’ve talked to on this subject
  • Arthur Kloswaski  (RIP) : Cave diver who  did some incredible exploration work in South Galway
  • The book ‘Caves of Co. Clare and South Galway’
  • Various OPW report

It aim to be as accurate as possible but to be honest, I’m still learning about lots of different nuances of the flows.

-David Murray



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