South Galway Flooding Scheme – Engineering Consultant Selection

The next milestone in the South Galway Flood relief scheme is amost complete.  Deputy Sean Canney recently highlighted that ‘The tender for the Engineering Consultants has concluded and a preferred tender has been identified’ and Galway County Council will now issue a  “letter of Intent” to appoint the successful consultant. That means a few more weeks before an official appointment.

Selection process


The selection process started when the tenders of the project brief were recieved.  One concern that we (South Galway Flood Relief Committee) had was that the consultants would be selected based on a the lowest price, however, Galway County Council,  Project manager for South Galway – Gort Lowlands Flood Relief Scheme, Enda Gallagher highlighted that cost was 30% of the selection process points and quality assessment was 70%. This 70% included

  • Project Appreciation
  • Proposed Methodology
  • Proposed Programme, Project Management Procedures & Quality
  • Management and Personnel

This quality assessment is really asking the question – can you deliver a high quality solution?  A lot of this will boil down to having experience and skills in this area.

The selection criteria has a significant focus on the quality assurance which means that we should be getting the most qualified design consultants and not the just the cheapest ones.  This is essential as if we have to ensure that we finally get good solution to flooding in South Galway

At the end of October a preferred design consultant was selected and all other tenderers were informed of their relative marks and the marks of the winning tenderer. There is a standstill period (Alcatel Period) during which losing tenderers can lodge objections to the process used or the results that they have received during the process to allow losing tenders consider the results and what actions if any they wish to pursue. This period closed on 10th Nov and now we move into a contract phase where the successful tenderer will formally sign a contract. This is usually within four weeks of the expiration of the Alcatel period and this brings us to early December.


It was a bleak this time last year as there was nobody working on the project. In December last year Galway County Council appointed a dedicated person to oversee this project and most of 2017 was  has been focused on producing the project brief and tendering for design consultants for the first ever solution design for South Galway. 


Yes it does feel slow (as we are now coming into yet another winter … )  and frustrating, but as we can now see the process and the timeline,  we see that the wheels are turning and hopefully we’ll have the design consultants in place by the end of the year and 2018 is where the solution goes through the initial design phase.

We continue to acknowledge all our public represeantatives, our Local Councillors. Galway County Council have put this project to the top of their agenda list in their monthly municipal meetings to keep the priority and momentum up.   Looking forward to meeting with the design consultants in the near future and seeing this project starting the inital design phase.

-David Murray



Author: David Murray

Dave is a 'Solution Architect' with a hi-tech company called Arm. He is deeply involved in his community and his two key focuses are based around the rivers of South Galway. He is an activist in getting flood relief solutions in place for South Galway after decades of empty promises and also is also helping to progress a beautiful Gort River Walk for the South Galway/North Clare communities.

2 thoughts on “South Galway Flooding Scheme – Engineering Consultant Selection”

  1. Thank you David Murray for keeping us in the picture. Yes, the process is painfully slow but when it is explained in plain English and illustrated in great detail we can understand it better. Unfortunately nobody can forecast the weather for the next four years. However, seeing a time frame gives some level of optimism for the future. As a community we are indebted to you and your committee for all the work you are doing on our behalf. I hope that future generations will appreciate what you have done and continue to do in keeping Flood Relief to the fore in South Galway
    Bridie Willers

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